Long Reads: Unstoppable Trump and the reality of Transamerica

Approx Reading Time-10Trump’s ability to yell his way to the White House is juxtaposed with the increased silencing of the US transgender community in this week’s Long Reads – Richard Jackson

How America made Donald Trump unstoppable – Matt Tiabbi (Rolling Stone)

Rolling Stone takes on the (continued) rise of Donald Trump. Author Matt Tiabbi claims that Trump is a result of the reality-TV-show-palooza-fest to which the Presidential campaign has regressed. The boring, scripted stage show, riddled with meandering populist sentiment instead of anything substantial, “We’re the greatest country in the world and you are the greatest people in the world,” sort of thing.

Tiabbi claims that the cause isn’t Trump, but that he is merely the peak combination of everything that is revolting about American elections. He has been able to ride a crest of populist anger to the top of the polls and it has nothing to do with being conservative or liberal.


Inside the San Quentin Marathon – Jesse Katz (GQ)

San Quentin. Johnny Cash’s famous other prison. A place of smashed dreams, lost hope and the crushing inert force of the confined spaces. Except for once a year, when the inmates run a 105 lap race behind the walls.

The writing in this is so good that you can feel the sweat permeating from these prisoners as they run laps around the prison, past the bible class and through the laundromat, and you know just how free they feel doing it, despite the continued stark reminders that they remain under lock and key.

They must hit the biggest runner’s high.


The Throwaways: How Detroit is becoming a flashpoint for violence against trans women – Allie Gross (Detroit Metro Times)

In the United States last year, 24 transgender women were killed, more than any other recorded year. This is a stark, negative counterpoint to the general air of acceptance of the transgender community we are slowly moving towards.

What this article does unpack is how the trans community is still marginalised from society, how many live in poverty and have to turn to sex work, and how politicians and police are both generally more reactive than proactive.


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