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TBS Travelogue: The amazing floors of Barcelona

German photographer Sebastian Erras has forgone the other highlights of Barcelona to capture…the floors. Danke Seb.

Ah, Barcelona. One of the most uniquely beautiful cities in Europe, if not the entire atlas. It stands to reason that when you travel you tend to look up at the big, Gaudi landmarks, instead of down at your feet. Cue German photographer (and shoe aficionado) Sebastian Erras who has decided to capture the stunning mosaic floors of Barcelona.


It’s like stepping on Wes Anderson’s face!

barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-21 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-57 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-3 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-51 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-19 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-5 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-9 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-7 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-10 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-11 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-8 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-46 barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-44barcelona-floors-sebastian-erras-15

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