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TBS Likes is a strange place where anything goes. Like International Waters, or Christmas morning after the shine has worn off and the booze has kicked in. May the ugliness commence.

Approx Reading Time-8The Court of Public Opinion is back in session this week (via video link) to collectively sentence Cardinal George Pell. Get Judgin’

Order. All Rise. This week’s ruling pertains to the language and behaviour of Cardinal George Pell at the Child Abuse Royal Commission.


The Crime: Committing the Cardinal Sin of murder upon the bodies of two of our most treasured societal institutions. Justice and Common Sense.

The Punishment: The Cardinal will be required to lead a walking tour of Ballarat’s St Alipius Boys’ School to point out the exact locations where he saw absolutely nothing, until The Cardinal’s memory is jogged – Steven T.

Ahoy TBS jurors! Can you think of a fitting punishment for The High Court? If so, pop it in the comment section below.

Best punishment bags you the honourable (and printed) title of Kangaroo Court Judge for next week! (It’d look good on the res!)

Get judgin’.

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