Long Reads: Inside Hollywood divorce, police abuses and an epic con man

The inner-workings of Hollywood divorce, unmasking a fraud and international police misconduct all accompany your Sunday Breakfast Long Reads – Richard Jackson 

This lawyer is Hollywood’s complete divorce solution – Claire Suddath (Bloomberg)

Marriage is messy, but divorce is messier. It behooves one to be careful before you sign that behind the music-style contract where your spouse can just take half of your shit. In this article, we get a behind the scenes look at how a Hollywood divorce lawyer operates, how she helps her clients through a difficult period and manages the vulture-like nature of the gossip columns that revel in picking at the carcass of a broken marriage.


The plot to take down a Fox News Analyst – Alex French (The New York Times)

The story of a hunt to expose Wayne Simmons, the fraud who claimed to be a former C.I.A Operative, and those who eventually exposed him.

It’s a fascinating story, and it just seems like this is how far a blithering blowhard can get. Simmons had no fraudulent evidence to back up any of his claims just confidence in his lie. The scary thing is Simmons lied to the very top, he didn’t just get through the vetting at Fox News, he attended meetings at the tail end of the Bush administration to talk about foreign policy and even visited Guantanamo.


The schoolboy wrongly accused of two murders – Vibeke Venema (BBC News)

Police in other countries scare the bejesus out of me; they’re just so shady I assume they are going to plant stuff on me. Well, this article just reinforces my paranoia. It involves police misconduct, a lousy corrupt legal system and the brutal, brutal mistreatment in prison of 15-year-old Ugandan schoolboy Tumusiime Henry.



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