Approx Reading Time-11TBS spoke with the co-founder and CEO of talent service THERIGHT.FIT, Taryn Williams, to share her love of tech and her simple time management routine.


TBS: Can you please tell the TBS audience a little about your background and how you became the CEO of THERIGHT.FIT?

TW: I started my first company, WINK Models, in 2007 after seeing a gap in the market for a commercial agency that possessed great rapport with clients and talent, and that paid the talent within seven days (when the industry standard was greater than three months). By 2012, we were representing over 500 talents Australia-wide and our annual revenue had surpassed the $1m mark. I realised we had to embrace technology to both manage and continue our growth, so we built a staff management app with features including an in-built CRM, live website updates, calendar and SMS notifications, and Xero integration.

Off the back of this, I learnt that technology is no longer an enabler, it is a creator of opportunities, and I soon fell in love with the fast moving tech space. In early 2015, I saw an opportunity to disrupt my own industry by creating an online platform that connects clients and talent directly. By December 2015, THERIGHT.FIT was born, of which I am co-founder and CEO.


TBS: What is the one thing you wish clients would understand about THERIGHT.FIT the first time they connect with you?

TW: When I started WINK Models it was because I identified a gap in the market for change and a way of doing things better. THERIGHT.FIT is built on the same principle.

Everything we do is designed with the user experience as an absolute priority.

THERIGHT.FIT is all about using technology to improve the way our industry does business. That means making it easier for clients and talent to connect in a faster, more efficient, more cost effective way. For clients, it is about giving them access to a diverse range of talent so they can choose the best for their project and manage the entire transaction online in one easy process. For the talent, it’s about giving them the power to manage their own careers, and build their online personal brand in a reputable environment.


TBS: What has been the toughest obstacle for THERIGHT.FIT to overcome since you launched?

TW: Disrupting an industry doesn’t come without obstacles! Getting the liquidity right in the online marketplace has been a challenge and managing a team across two continents (we have an office in NY where my co-founder is based) has made for new problems we hadn’t experienced previously. That said, we completed an extensive amount of beta testing pre-launch and user testing sessions pre-build to ensure our MVP contained the features and functionality our users needed to have a great experience.


TBS: How do you manage your own schedule? Do you have any daily rituals you could share with us?

TW: I run a very strict schedule and believe that it’s incredibly important to maximise the effectiveness of my day. I allocate my time in 30min blocks and ensure everything is diarised (and shared with my team), and meetings always have a clear agenda to ensure they are as outcome-oriented as possible.

Each morning (or sometimes the night before) I make a clear list of priorities for the day. I don’t feel bad about saying no to requests that will prevent these from being met. I’m a morning person, so I’m up at 5.30am every day to train, and then have a series of daily meetings: 7.30am with NY Office, 8am with the development team, 8.30am with my business partner in THERIGHT.FIT and 9am with my WINK Models team. We also use slack for internal communication, and Trello for project management to ensure no tasks are missed and all parties (no matter what time zone!) are kept in the loop.


TBS: What would be your biggest piece of advice for aspiring CEOs/entrepreneurs?

TW: Don’t spend time re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I spent far too much time early in my career trying to salvage situations, employees and projects that were never going to work.

You need to be decisive, agile and identify issues early to minimise time and resource wastage.


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