Approx Reading Time-10Business automation is important, but it can also be overwhelming. David Younger from The Service Manager, perfectly explains it in one powerful infographic.


As an owner of a growing business, you get tons of emails for approval, utilise lots of paper-based methods to track tasks and operations, as well as encounter a number of stressful challenges and problems such as assigning jobs to the right technicians, tracking and monitoring parts and inventory. Running an enterprise can be as frustrating as losing your keys in the morning when you have inefficient field service processes.

Imagine how relieving it would be if you could eliminate such frustrations and stresses. How easy it would be to manage a company without all the paper forms and manual business operations. What if you could hit the approve button once for all the requests that come in? What if you could create schedules within minutes and update your team with changes in an instant? What if you could track what your employee is working on and where they currently are in real time?

All these things can be possible when you embrace automation. If you’re still using painstaking manual processes into the ever-evolving business landscape, it’s high time to change your ways. Below are the top reasons why automation is critical to business growth.

Importance of Automation in Business Growth (Infographic) - An Infographic from TSM

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