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Approx Reading Time-8SNL‘s Kate McKinnon has put the boot into Hillary Clinton’s election campaign by literally turning into Bernie Sanders. Ha! Bern!


Larry David as Bernie Sanders is a treasure in itself, but as much as it pains me to write it, Lar, you’ve been Berned. Kate McKinnon (who regularly apes Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live) has gone the full-Bernie in a pseudo campaign ad where Clinton takes not only the policies of Sanders, but also his entire aesthetic, hilariously slipping into his voice.


The sketch echoes the popular sentiment in the US that Hillary (at least the SNL version of her) and her campaign are utterly devoid of personality, and that she’d sway to any view in order to glean votes.

Whether that’s true of not is subjective, but who cares.

“Feel the Bern…for her.”