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TBS General Election: choose the US president

Approx Reading Time-8We’ve let the Americans vote for their own President and it’s not gone well. So, it’s time to choose the leader the US should have. Vote now!


Let’s be honest. We, like the rest of the world, have waited for the US election to be less, well…crazy. Has it? Yeah, but mainly nah. November is a long way off, so at TBS Towers we’re hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst.

After Trump’s searing performance, it seems the only right that the rest of us step in. Saddle up Australia, for it’s time to exercise our democratic right to vote (in someone else’s election). Sorry, America, but it’s for all of us.

Upon tabulation of the voting, we’ll be mailing the results to our Ambassador in New York (The Hon. Joe Hockey) to see if he’ll graciously run it over to the corridors of power on our behalf. Thanks, Joe!

Get votin’





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