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LR: A refugee’s path to the Olympics, the end of dialysis and the worst movie director of all time

Approx Reading Time-12The story of a Syrian refugee seeking an Olympic berth, the worst director of all time and the end of kidney dialysis. Welcome to Long Reads.

From Syria to Rio: a refugee chases the Olympics – The Guardian

This article tells the story of Yusra Mardini, a Syrian refugee who escaped war-torn Damascus for Turkey via an overcrowded dingy that almost capsized, if not for her and her sister’s efforts.

Yusra now calls Germany home and due to her swimming talents (she was one of Syria’s brightest) she’s now vying for one of the limited slots on the IOC-sanctioned “Refugee Team” in the upcoming Rio Olympic games.

The piece goes on to explain the selection process and the stories of the other athletes pushing for selection along with Yusra.

The story of Alan Smithee, Hollywood’s worst director – Vice

Alan Smithee has a career spanning 50 years. His back catalogue features a wide spread of topics, all with one unifying factor: they’re all rubbish. He also doesn’t exist.

Alan Smithee is the infamous alias in entertainment circles, assumed by a director who chooses to abandon his creative child. In the last half-decade there have been some truly horrible pieces of cinematic evidence that support this decision.

The universal kidney transplant – New York Times

The kidney transplant is an amazingly fickle procedure and the incredibly long wait lists attest to the problems faced by patients. Those hopelessly stuck on the list may have found their saviour in a new process called desensitisation, allowing the body to accept organs from an incompatible donor.






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