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TSM: Service for a change

Approx Reading Time-10TSM have an absolute focus on customers maximising their businesses’ productivity, through superior staff education and mentoring.


For some time now we’ve been bombarded with warnings that we’re living in an era of dynamic change which, if nothing else, has made us yearn for the good old days when apparently everything stayed the same.

Lately, however, the warnings have tailed off, probably because dynamic change has morphed from a threat to reality, and organisations like The Service Manager are now providing solutions which exploit it as an opportunity.

Software breakthroughs have taken us into space, recently defeated the world Go champion at his own game, and enable us to live ever more of our lives through a smartphone and a few apps.

On bad days, it has demonstrated the power to close down banks and airlines, and completely stuff the launch of Obamacare, so it pays to get it right. A software system is capable of making a company’s future or terminating it.

Software for business is not off the shelf; there is no size that fits all, and in the vast majority of cases, it is not a DIY proposition.

Each member of staff is impacted by an organisation’s software system and each has the potential to impact on its performance. Therefore, optimising its potential requires as much emphasis on development and training as analysis and installation, because the quality of outputs from a system is absolutely dependent on the quality of inputs.

Often forgotten, ongoing review and maintenance are critical to ensuring that systems continue to meet the inevitable changes of a business as it grows.

The Service Manager has become a disruptive game changer in Australia because it has based its corporate mission on these beliefs. They understand that ultimate success depends on partnerships with customers that stand the test of time.

They offer a comprehensive range of software products and services without peer in Australia.

The Service Manager’s products have the capacity to evolve in sync with a customer’s business. In the first instance, a customer may only use 20 percent of a product’s capacity and then increase utilisation seamlessly consistent with business development. David Younger, one of the principals of TSM, likens that process to peeling back the layers of an onion.

David and Ron Hayward, the other TSM principal, have an absolute focus on helping customers maximise productivity because they share the belief with many Prime Ministers and Treasurers that it is the key to economic prosperity.

TSM deploys a field force to assist with the implementation of software products and the mentoring of customer staff. They are supported by TSM University’s expertise in technology and training.

David and Ron are adamant that optimum results evolve from long-term partnerships, pointing to Good Sight as an example. Good Sight is Australia’s leading supplier of car wash equipment and machines. Their allocating and planning of break-fix jobs, preventative maintenance jobs, project management of long term contracts and automatic jobs planning all happen on TSM software.

TSM’s IoT Tariff actually monitors the performance of cleaning machines, the Good Sight technician team use TSM Mobile Solution for customer and management reporting, while TSM Platform Tariff manages productivity gains.

This is a partnership where both The Service Manager and Good Sight demonstrate 20/20 vision.

For the future, TSM plans to be in the forefront of both creating change and managing it.

Programming is scheduled to become a standard subject taught in schools. Software will soon be capable of fulfilling tasks like cabinet making, driving a car or housework. Similarly, many of today’s tasks in manufacturing, communications and management will soon be accomplished through TSM software. All it will take is peeling back more layers of the onion.

Perhaps TSM’s greatest accomplishment is the development of software for business that can handle change without a change of direction.

Indeed, it might be claimed that their new business customers experience a change that’s as good as a rest.


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