Popped Culture: 2016, the year the Logies finally grew up

Approx Reading Time-12Why the shade fest against Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin? Is it because the 2016 Logies might actually mean something? Is that the problem?


This week the nominees for the 2016 TV Week Logie Awards were announced. After decades of being accused of whitewashing, they finally spat out something decent into the laps of the public in the form of their nominees for the Gold Logie.

By now you know 2016’s list of candidates includes Waleed Aly, Carrie Bickmore, Grant Denyer, Essie Davis, Lee Lin Chin and Scott Cam, and is being praised by social commentators, bloggers and internet social justice warriors left, right and centre for what’s being called the most diverse list of nominees since the Logies’ inception in 1959.

The two that most are talking about are Waleed “Your boy” Aly from The Project and Lee Lin “Bow Down to the Queen” Chin, who are both up for nomination for the first time ever – which would lead one to think there is harmony in TV world at last.

Wrong. According to The Daily Telegraph’s “well-placed insider” the announcement of the nominees for the top award for the 2016 Logies goes to show that TV’s night of nights has lost all meaning and is no longer a representative of the TV industry.

Uh? Okay…

To do a Kanye: Yo DT Imma let you finish but first, are you actually kidding me?

The purported insider has said that Aly and Chin being nominated has come as a surprise, and this writer’s guess is that their insider does not own a computer or have access to the Interwebs because Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin have absolutely smashed it in the last year on TV. Many of their antics have spilled into viral sensations which have been shared thousands of times around Australia and the world, but I guess entertaining people isn’t what the Logies is about, Daily Telegraph?

The insider has gone on to say, “The Logies are an embarrassment. It is a complete joke. What has Waleed ever done? Because he does an editorial slapping someone down every now and then, does that qualify him for a Gold Logie? And is The Project successful? No… The thing with the Logies these days is it’s nothing to do with how popular the show is but how well you run an online campaign or how much traction a show has on social media.”

Let’s start with the fact that the Logies are voted by the public; I voted and they didn’t even give me a sticker.

There’s a beautiful thing in this world called subjectivity, and I would really hope that a TV insider who reports to such an “influential” paper would understand what that is before going on a vitriolic rant about a man who managed to get 30 million views on a video segment from his show asking for calm around Islamic State.

Not only was the video viewed 30 million times, it was shared 660 thousand times at last look on Facebook and that figure is independent of YouTube views too. Gee, I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind my Gold Logie winner to be someone that people actually respect and listen to when he’s calling for calm. Call me crazy.

Some people are also having a bit of a go at the Queen of SBS, Lee Lin Chin, which is baffling. She has always been a superstar, but in the last year with thanks to The Feed on SBS2 the boss newsreader with the kickass asymmetrical outfits has really come into the light as being a celebrated badass boss bitch we can all bow down to. A woman whose twitter feed is what I can only hope to achieve in my life:

The Feed’s series really gave Australia the other side of Lee Lin Chin we all were secretly was hoping was true. I pose my own question for The Daily Tele: had Lee Lin Chin been nominated for an award without The Feed’s youngins turning her into a viral sensation, would you then say she deserved the nomination as a newsreader? I kindly await your reply in my “never gonna happen” chair.

So, having two people of colour, who have made a resounding impact on Australian television viewers, being nominated for The Best Personality on Australian Television is an “embarrassment.” What on earth were the years before now?

There have been 65 Gold Logies awarded to Australian celebrities including Graeme Kennedy, Lisa McCune, Rove McManus and Karl Stefanovic. Yeah, Karl “Lisa is too white to win a Logie” Stefanovic.

Now I love Karlos as much as the next degenerate 20 something, but keep in mind he got so plastered receiving his Gold Logie one year he turned up to The Today Show the next morning still hammered. Bless. Or the time that Ray Meagher finallllllyyyyyy received the award after years of hard labour in Summer Bay…there was definitely a lot of help leading up to the Logies by a YouTuber named DoodleBurger who had created a whole other persona of Alf Stewart which many have agreed was pretty damn good at getting the votes in for Ray. (I’d love to link the YouTube vid, but this is a family publication…I’ll bite your face… – Ed)

Ah, the Internet, yes, what a bastard of a thing. Just makes me scratch my head in wonder why it wasn’t a travesty when Ray Meagher or Karl Stefanovic won; I wonder what they have that Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin don’t.

Yes, Waleed and Lee Lin make the Logies an embarrassment, not the fact that every year the television industry spends thousands in shanghaiing B-grade sitcom celebrities who genuinely have nothing close to an idea why they are even in Australia, let alone hosting “television’s night of nights.”

It’s not an embarrassment to have Katy Perry perform and present an award when the TV industry could have just as easily had an uprising Australian artist. One Direction? Please, the Wiggles playing Hot Potato would have gotten more people out of their seats.

But yeah, of course, 2016 was the year that the Logies became a joke.


TL;DR: Telegraph Insider Yells at Cloud


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