Approx Reading Time-12Despite acting in the name of firearm safety, the Greens website that locates gun owners and collections may see the opposite effect.


The Greens have been known to pull some pretty stupid stunts over the years, but nothing – absolutely nothing – compares with their latest act of sabotage.

With zero concern for the real-world ramifications of their actions, the NSW Greens have acquired and published a breakdown of gun ownership by NSW postcode.

The information, they claim, was obtained from NSW Police under Freedom of Information legislation – in which case I very much doubt the information was provided along with the names and addresses of licensed firearms owners.

Nor did it need to be, to put the community at risk.

A purpose-built Greens website allows anyone to type in a postcode, which will yield information as to the population of the area, the number of licensed firearms within the postcode and the total number of guns present in the community.

The website goes so far as to provide information as to where the largest private collections are located and even provides maps for each postcode, so the researcher knows exactly where it is.

In doing so, the NSW Greens have enabled organised crime and gun thieves, thus potentially placing the community in enormous danger. While divulging details relating to a Sydney postcode may not be terribly useful to gun thieves, the provision of a breakdown by rural remote postcodes narrows the field inestimably.

Some NSW rural settlements have tiny populations dispersed over large areas, yet because of their rural nature, also have a high rate of gun ownership.

The Greens have effectively provided a shopping list to help thieves plan the very raids on rural properties they claim feed the illegal guns market.

If it was my wont to do so, I could now identify sparsely populated postcodes and, using skills I learned during a brief career as a Private Investigator, along with just a little guile and bravado, learn exactly where legal guns are stored. (I will not share the fine detail of how this might be done, as the Greens have put the community at risk enough without me adding to it just to make a point.)

Gun storage regulations are very strong in NSW, but the impetuous to break into safes and storage areas is enormous, with the black market commanding mind-boggling prices for firearms stolen to order.

Of course, the Greens will claim that anyone could have accessed this information as they did, via Freedom of Information, and indeed that is true. However, the NSW Police Service does not hand over such information to just anybody, and when they do provide it, they keep records of who it was provided to.

Criminals are a paranoid and careful breed. None of the various crime gangs, about which the media tirelessly regales us, are likely to drop a note to the police requesting a shopping list.

And, indeed, they no longer need to. The Greens have provided not only the list but a handy mechanism for perusing it. The irresponsible, politically self-serving nature of this act is astonishing. The Greens contempt for public safety in pursuit of their ideological agenda is inexcusable.

The NSW Greens should be deregistered as a political party and those with the legal wit to do so should investigate the possibility of bringing charges to bear for the Greens’ reckless endangerment of the Australian public.

Law abiding firearms owners do their best to secure their firearms in accordance with the law and keep their ownership of collections as low-profile as possible. The fact that a political party would compromise firearms owners’ security in pursuit of a political point scoring campaign is absolutely reprehensible.

The possibility they may have done so with the view of fulfilling some otherwise unlikely gang war or massacre apocalypse scenario doesn’t bear thinking about. One can only hope their recklessness was the product of stupidity and not cynical, prophesy fulfilling contrivance.

Whatever the case, compared to the Greens’ act of security sabotage, their recent whining about social media trolling by members of the shooting fraternity pales into insignificance.

Meanwhile, Criminologist at the Australian National University, Dr Jason Payne, refutes claims of increased risk to the community, by which the Greens justify releasing NSW gun statistics.

That was until the Greens changed the game.


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