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The court of Public Opinion: Nicole Boyle

Approx Reading Time-8This week the gavel fell on Nicole Boyle, the woman responsible for that awful racist tirade against a 15-year-old. Is 12 months in prison a just sentence? Vote now!

Real Cases, Real People. Welcome back to another Friday of vast finger pointery at the TBS Court of Public Opinion; where you grasp the gavel in one hand, and your predeterminations in the other. Rise for yourselves, and let’s down to business. On the ticket this afternoon, Nicole Boyle.

The crime: A pair of racially motivated tirades in a solitary afternoon, dusting off the White Australia policy and for greenlighting the worst defence in criminal history (It wasn’t racist, your honour, she was abusing everyone)

The punishment: The defendant will hereby be relocated to a separate facility that recreates an environment that is comparable to the views she hold. Food (wild carnivores), shelter (an indoor dwelling carved from rock) and water (subterranian) will be provided, as well as the means to create warmth (two sticks), and facilities for entertainment (jumping over aforementioned fire).

Ms Boyle’s parole will only be reconsidered after vast personal repentance, or reaching the top of the artificial foodchain.

Ahoy TBS jurors! Can you think of a fitting punishment for Nicole Boyle?

If so, pop it in the comment section below.

Best punishment bags you the honourable (and printed) title of Kangaroo Court Judge for next week! (It’d look good on the res!)

Get judgin’.

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