Approx Reading Time-10Once more into the ‘reads, dear friends. Be regaled by Aretha’s “Respect”, a death between conservatives and a very personal story.



The Untold History of Aretha Franklin’s Irrevocable “Respect” – Sheila Weller (Elle)

There are few songs as iconic as Aretha Franklin’s Respect. That opening hits your soul like a set of rapid body shots from Mike Tyson. This article provides the history of the song, whilst unpacking its meaning, rooted in the civil rights movement.

Money quote:

“People responded to ‘Respect’ as if the radio weren’t built for a sound so powerful, as if the music was coming straight out of the air from some all-global transmitter in the Arctic.”


Friendly fire in the American patriot death cult – Brendan O’Connor (Gawker)

Conservatism in American at its base can be an ugly and violent beast. Look at the scenes at Donald Trump’s rallies, he didn’t create that, he just plugged into the underlying current. This article dives into the one element of the base: the patriot clubs, the ones that love the constitution and guns, as they tackle a death between friends.


The story of my rape as a young man – Raymond M. Douglas (Vice)

Forewarning: the language within depicts rape. It is short, blunt and so compelling that you walk with him down the page, asking his past self not to do that or this, not to follow that man, not to be naïve, but alas, the story unfolds and we are made to feel like we witnessed it.

Visceral, grating work.


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