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Kate Turner is a writer, who likes to delve into the psyche of human behaviour and all of its deliciousness.

Approx Reading Time-8Ahoy rabid Reddit fans! The most meaningless day of the week slips around so fast, doesn’t it? Check out this rubbish we brought back from the internet dump…



The magazine slogan two-step

We all know that magazine cover slogans can be a bit of a stretch. “Do this and you’ll be happy forever!” “How these celebrities lost 20kg in two weeks with this simple trick!” They’ve been repeated so many times that a lack of originality seems original. We’re being told what we want to hear and it’s worked for decades.

Barf! Anyway, sorry for the rant, but on Reddit this week somebody has gone ahead and mocked up a cover that really says what they are trying to sell us.


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Photoshop mishaps

Speaking of bullshit, Reddit is a gold mind for Photoshop mishaps. Seriously, all they want to do is sell us an image that we will never be able to obtain and in turn, we feel like there is something wrong with us. So we go ahead and purchase what we think will make us beautiful, go on diets and exercise like crazy people.

Well, aren’t we a wonderful honest world.

Well, aren’t I a positive peach today.

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Before and after photoshop

People who accidentally dress like their surroundings


Chalkboard slogans

Advertising. It’s not everybody’s game, but ow and then you come across a slogan that just makes you go “Not bad chalkboard man…or woman, or man/woman-woman/man, or kid, or…whoever wrote the fucking thing #Equality”

Like these below.

20 Creative Chalkboard Signs


People bidding on a bag of Kobe Bryant air from his last game.

…just why?

If I had the money to go buy Kobe Bryant’s breath in a bag, I’d go ahead and take a good look at myself in the mirror…probably a gold framed mirror with diamonds adorning the edges that sits upon a pyramid holding all my money I waste on needless shit. Like what is the buyer going to do with it, breathe a little in every day and hum to themselves?


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s heartfelt apology to Australia

Communitychannel’s mock of the apology seems about right. Get out the tissues, people.


Lastly, in the name of Reddit, let’s give this kid some spotlight. He’s got dreams, yo!

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