The Blurst of Reddit: Please don’t do the Dyson

Approx Reading Time-10It’s Friday, it’s lunch time and you’re about to regret taking your break at the same time as that Reddit guy from IT…seriously, that guy is the worst.



Firstly, let’s gross out all the men…by showing them the hair of women

If you have ever lived with a girl, was once a girl, have heard of a girl, or are one, you should be well aware of our ability to shed a shitload of hair. I’m sure with the amount our vacuums pick up we could donate a wig or two to every starving kid in Africa, and they’d be like “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this, bitch?”

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Telling you we shed hair isn’t enough! We take a long time grooming ourselves every morning so we can look acceptable to ourselves and the rest of society blessed with eyesight. Tell you what, I’ve even felt judgement from blind people (read: hands). I’ve tried not caring about keeping myself maintained (not sure how to say this without too much info, but fuck it) but in the end, I feel and look like a yeti that’s having a bad day.

Maybe we should all just go a week without doing any of this. Walk out into the world, hear a few screams of “What the fuck is that?” but ignore those. Imagine not having to wax…we’d miss out on stories such as this:

Wax = the mother of hair removing pain.


Good lord, they’re getting brutal with speeding drivers

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Why are there so many laws? Some just seem to be ridiculous. For example, being drunk in a pub here is a no go…what? Or in Victoria, it’s illegal to wear hot pink hot pants after midday on Sundays. You’re not even allowed to try and open the train doors while it’s moving.

Ridiculous. As demonstrated by the next gif, it’s a completely harmless pursuit.

Nanny state!

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Warms the stomach just thinking about it.

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And finally…

Here is a simple message to all the men who have splurged on a new Dyson with bad man intentions. Robo-love is not OK.

Well, not yet.

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