Approx Reading Time-10What do you get when you combine Monica Lewinsky, the semen of a deceased spouse and the realities of divorce? You get this week’s Long Reads!


Re-examining Monica, Marcia, Tonya and Anita, the ‘scandalous’ women of the ‘90s – Sarah Marshall (Fusion)

With the passage of time (and a dash of millennial nostalgia), we’re seeing re-evaluations of notorious women. Take Monica Lewinsky, who was quite frankly slut-shamed by an entire nation and made the butt of cheap late night jokes, all because of her affair with President Bill Clinton.

This article deconstructs why we as a society attack these women and details the lessons we should learn from our actions.


Dead man’s sperm Jenny Morber (Mosaic Science)

This freaked me out, it made me cross my legs and squirm I hate all the dissection descriptions. Aside from the gruesomeness of it all, this is a fascinating discussion on the ethics of harvesting a dead man’s sperm and impregnating a fiancé or a wife.

The article draws on a wide cross-section of case studies, providing a comprehensive, yet real look at the issue.


The Divorce Gap – Darlena Cunha (The Atlantic)

The stereotypical divorce says that once the ink is set, the now-ex-wife laughs all the way to a life of verdant riches. In reality…not really. This article tells us about the other side of divorce that is seldom-told, where problems are beset by further problems, both internally and externally.

Gun quote:

“…alimony and child support don’t always flow from ex-husband to ex-wife. Many men fear they’ll be ridiculed when others find out they’re receiving money from their exes, Weinberger says. Some would rather forgo their monthly stipends than swallow their pride, even if they are the stay-at-home parent bringing in no income.”



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