Vishmi Helaratne

Know who you’re Instagramming: @vishmihelaratne

Approx Reading Time-10TBS spoke with Sri Lankan-Kiwi artist @vishmihelaratne about the fluidity of art, and how she sees it in a never-ending loop. As always, unfiltered.


TBS: Your Instagram pics are fabulous – if you found that you could only save three, which three pics would you choose?




Getting to this point: Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself up and how @vishmihelaratne came to be?

VH: I am Vishmi, a Sri Lankan-Kiwi artist who currently calls Sydney home. I’ve been documenting my art on Instagram as a major platform to showcase my progression of visual ideas. For me, art is fluid. There is no distinctive point where it stops or starts. My work is rooted in this abstraction. Visions of places and faces, things seen and unseen, imagined and real, coalesce and meander into designs or scenes, or landscapes, or portraits depending on what, and how, you see.


What do you think is the main driver to people coming to your Instagram daily and following you?

I have an enormous support from back home. All my Kiwi friends and family have been so encouraging ever since I’ve left home; same goes for my Sydney-siders. I’ve been in Sydney for two years now and I guess my followers on Instagram just enjoy what I create. I find it so motivating that I get people excited through my work.


InstaStories: What is the main story you like to tell through your images?

I guess my art really mirrors who I am as an individual. Energetic, extremely colourful and just wacky! I love expressing who I am through my Instagram. It’s a marvellous platform that young creative like myself can use to boost work, motivation, and character.


Instafans: What is the worst way for someone to try and get your attention on Instagram, and what is the best way?

I think it depends on what grabs your attention. I don’t know, I guess being true to yourself and what you believe in. The ones with a character, I enjoy. Where there’s a consistent theme or personality, I like those the best.


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