Approx Reading Time-10Presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte has promised to end crime by killing 10,000 criminals. But I am still voting for him!


Foul-mouthed, violent, rich: the Donald Trump of the Philippines. Presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte has been painted with many labels. But how much is true? And what makes locals vote for him? We found one and asked her.

Why Duterte?

First and foremost, my apologies to my friends and family who support other candidates. We all have our reasons and opinions why we prefer them over the others, but I know we all want the same for our beloved country: for it to be safe, but progressive (Editor’s note: Duterte supports LGBTI rights).

But why? A lot of my friends and colleagues continually ask me this question. The reason is simple. As his TV spots proudly state, he’s a Filipino and he loves his country. I don’t need flowery words and promises, I just needed a very straightforward TV ad and my vote was his. The city that Duterte runs, Davao, has come a long way. From the highest murder rate in the Philippines to the world’s fifth-safest city. All thanks to Duterte. That alone is a big achievement, and perhaps worthy of the top spot.

In my 31 years here on earth, he’s the only politician I know of who lives a very humble lifestyle. He does not own a smartphone like most of us do. He has a very simple home, does not own luxury cars, he travels around Davao City in a taxi he drives himself.

He may love cursing so much that I think that it is his second language, but I still think his compassion to make our country great overrides that. He has so much love for the Filipino people that he was quoted saying “I’d rather burn in hell, for as long as the people I serve live in Paradise,” and I think that’s all I need to hear from an aspiring president.

I’m a mother of two boys, aged three and two. I want to live in a country where I can let them play outside without worrying that they might be kidnapped, raped or worse.

I want a President that can walk the walk, not talk and talk. Less talk more action.

He might be named “The Punisher” or “The Dirty Harry of Davao” but I believe he has the heart of a true leader, a true love for his country and its people and as far as I’m concerned, I’m a Filipino and my president is a Duterte!


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