Pop the kettle on and settle into a good chair, it’s time for more Long Reads, with the story of Prince’s personal chef sandwiched between two difficult tales of abuse. 


The imperfect victim – Leon Neyfakh (Slate)

Glenn Baughman was a convicted sex offender in the US, who at the age of 19 had, in his words. “a consensual relationship with a high-school kid.” The child in question was 14 and a half years old. Upon his release, he became a noted media spokesperson and champion for the rights of sex offenders.

This article deals with the fallout, and the important question of what happens to the movement when their key figure ends up becoming an issue.


I was Prince’s private chef – Margaret Wetzler (Food and Wine)

Prince was awesome, he was such a weirdo in so many amazing ways. This is a lovely behind the scenes article where Margaret Wetzler explains what it was like to be a personal chef for Prince and how she dealt with his impulsiveness, including the time he wanted to host a traditional English tea party and providing her with next to no forewarning.

I do feel like this story was missing a joke or a pun surrounding raspberry berets or something.


A positive life: How a son survived being injected with HIV by his father – Justin Heckett (GQ)

This story made me sad. I feel like I need help reacting to what I just read. Why would someone do that?

Why would someone do that?

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