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While you were asleep: Waleed wins Gold, Auspol playing for draw, Dad stands up for Mayweather

Approx Reading Time-10Good Morning! Wondering what you missed out on while you were asleep? Well, it’s a biggie. Congratulations, Waleed. Malcolm…not so much.


Waleed Aly wins the Gold Logie, classily casts aside the vitriol

As the clock struck twelve last night, Waleed Aly was crowned the King of Australian television. There’ll be furious action in the streets of social media this morning, with some dancing and others marching. As Waleed clutched the statue, eyes glassy, he stated that:

If tonight means anything, it’s that the Australian public – our audience – as far as they’re concerned, there is absolutely no reason why (the lack of diversity) can’t change.

What this means, and what change it may reap, will reveal itself in time, but earnest props for making the Logies mean something more than the symmetrical faces of Summer Bay leaking “thank you so much” platitudes.

As always, the last word must go to the Queen:


Vast results on the two-party preferred race

Elsewhere, the election race has heated up by stalling at the start gate. However, a little suspense is always a boon. Newspoll has Labor shading the Coalition 51/49. Which is a change of utter bupkis.

However, nothing means something, as Turnbull’s bomb into the political pool has offered him no advantage whatsoever. Start treading water until those fingers are pruning gents, it’s game on.


Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather hint dropped, Dad stands up for man who gets paid to hurt people. 

Marvel at the powers of Photoshop! Conor McGregor, or whoever runs his social media, has added gasoline to the vague flame of rumour with some photoshoppery:

If it were to go ahead, it would be some sort of MMA/boxing crossover bout which, going off the last crossover we saw (Jetson v Flintstone), was a couple of bouts too long. As for MMA vs boxing, it could work, maybe. If it were to go ahead, it’d be one of the fights of the new millennium, and hopefully a bit more thrilling than the Mayweather/Pacquiao fizzer.

Who’d win the fight? Well, according to a very biased supporter, he has Floyd mopping up the Irishman.

Tsk Da-ad. Sah embarrassment.

Honestly, we’re still waiting for this stoush:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.40.23 AM

So very drunk.

Have a good day, yeah?


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