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The Court of Public Opinion: The Herald Sun

Approx Reading Time-8Adjust your wigs people. It’s time to enact a punishment on the Herald Sun after their front page attacked #QandA’s Duncan Storrar

H’ordeuvres in the court! Mmm. Tasty. All rise for the honourable judges of the Court of Public Opinion. Now let hammer meet gavel to commence our weekly dose of sanctioned public justice.

Bring in the next transgressor!

In the irons this morning is the Herald Sun, in relation to their front page attacking the financially impaired Duncan Storrar, made famous by his impassioned speech at Monday’s #QandA



Bring in the Defendant!

The Defendants: The Herald Sun

The Charges: Shooting of the messenger in the first degree, clipping of the nation’s heart strings in the second degree.

The Punishment: The Herald Sun will hereby forgo their salaries in favour of the $4 Internship scheme, in an effort to make them see that the issue is the economic disparity, not the crimes of one man who exposed it – Pendlebury Wicks


Ahoy TBS jurors! Can you think of a better punishment? If so, pop it in the comment section below.

Best punishment bags you the honourable title of Kangaroo Court Judge for next week! (It’d look good on the res!)

Get judgin’.



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