Earthling Cinema: Mean Girls

Approx Reading Time-8Well, we’re all dead. Fortunately, the aliens of the future still have our movies. What would an advanced species make of Mean Girls?


A tale of Caesar who ruled the classes (Maths) beset by the vicious barbs of her subjects, in the form of a knife (bus). A winding tale of one cruel despot and her awful rule riding high on the power of followers who subscribe to her made up religion (high school). It’s a metaphor for the corrupting ills of power, in that it corrupts absolutely, as a popular uprising tears down the throne in favour of a shift toward Communism. That movie is 2004’s Mean Girls.

Well, that’s according to the advanced brains of the terrestrials who analyse the remnants of our shattered civilisation. At least the aliens got the subtextual narrative that Maths = Gross. Clothes = Everything. The future is bright.

Thank god we won’t be around to explain ourselves.


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