Approx Reading Time-8Warm up your reading chair, for it’s that time again. Today we have tales of Cold War espionage, the realities of cancer treatment and a spotlight on child sexual abuse.


The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies – Shaun Walker (The Guardian)

Imagine waking up one day to the FBI knocking on your door and arresting your seemingly normal parents for being Russian spies. Be pretty messed up right? It’s just like True Lies – great film – but more bizarre and less funny. (And no-one drops an Uzi down a flight of stairs to great effect – Ed)

The most interesting angle of this article is realising how spying actually works. Shaun Walker compares it to being the tortoise rather than the hare, as the parents had been building their profiles as Canadian citizens prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The father, now a minor celebrity of sorts, is quoted as saying: “If you behave like Bond, you’ll last half a day, maybe a day. Even if there was an imaginary safe where all the secrets are kept, by tomorrow half of them will be outdated and useless. The best kind of intelligence is to understand what your opponent will think tomorrow, not find out what he thought yesterday.”


When do you give up on treating a child with cancer – Melanie Thernstrom (The New York Time Magazine)

 Get the tissues ready, this article is heart breaking.


Private schools, painful secrets –Spotlight Team (The Boston Globe)

More sexual abuse uncovered by the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe. That’s the same Spotlight team made famous by the recent film of the same name. The depth of the research is very impressive, as is their ability to get grown men to admit the very painful truth that they were molested and abused as youngsters.



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