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While you were Asleep: Shorten strikes back, Google replaces your lazy partner, Ke$ha not allowed to perform


Approx Reading Time-10Good morning, you! What happened while you were asleep? Robots invaded your house, Shorten got physical (medical) and Ke$ha was cheated again.


Google steps closer to HAL 9000, replaces your spouse

Oh, those Googles. Ignoring the lessons of Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece, and that Simpsons episode that lampooned it, Google have introduced the inventively named “Google Home,” an AI ostensibly for use in your home.

Going off the nasally twangs of your voice, it can do many tasks that you are too lazy to be bothered to do; Mario Queiroz, Google VP demonstrated its intelligence by changing a restaurant booking.

He also claimed “We are an order of magnitude ahead of everyone else” (whatever that means), before choosing not to disclose the price.

What are you doing, David?

(It’s the one on the right)


Labor set to thaw Medicare freeze, Shorten takes off his big boy pants and coughs

In the first salvo fired from the HMAS Federal Opposition (catchy) this morning, Bill Shorten has vowed, if elected, to unfreeze the freeze on the Medicare rebate pie.

In Scott Morrison’s (maligned) budget, the freeze will continue to 2020, in an effort to a) save the government money ($925 million) and b) keep the rebates at a sensible level. But despite this, the cost of bulk billing has grown 84 percent.

Ostensibly, Mild Bill will cut a PGA tour size cheque of $12 billion over the next decade for medical professionals. But not those pathologists. Sozzles.


Dr Luke forbids Ke$ha to sing, sounds like fairy tale

Ke$ha. Poor humble Ke$ha. Locked away from society by a man who is not really a doctor. In the latest of late stunts, she has been forbidden to perform at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards. While cancelling a performance is a terrible thing, Ke$ha was set to perform a cover of Bob Dylan’s It ain’t me, babe.

The world has lost another Bob Dylan cover. Which means that this situation, although tragic, perhaps is not a tragedy.

Have a good ‘un!


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