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Procrastination Bait: Bill Shorten tells lad “Nice to see you, bro”

Approx Reading Time-8This afternoon when Bill Shorten hit the streets, he also went real street. For real. Got his vote, bro.


It’s fair to say that Bill Shorten has had a rather good week. To treat himself, he decided to ‘roll up’ Westfield Penrith. What happened next, was, at the most borderline genius, and at the least, the cusp of lolz.

Separated from the abject safety of the media scrum, Shorten was accosted by an amiable ruffian in a hooded jumper, who yelled his greetings over the machine gun clicking of camera shutters, and I quote:

“Bill Shorten! Howzit garn Bill Shorten!?”

To which, the opposition leader embraced him in a handshake dripping in hip-hop cool, before dropping English on that playa:

“Nice to see you, Bro.”

Straight up, G(overnmental figure)





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