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TBS Likes is a strange place where anything goes. Like International Waters, or Christmas morning after the shine has worn off and the booze has kicked in. May the ugliness commence.

TBS Blog Series: Culture Blogs you should be reading

Approx Reading Time-12From lifestyle to the arts and much in-between, we’ve wrangled this coterie of uniqueness, because we think you need culture, you lot.



Juliette’s Art and Lifestyle Blog

Juliette’s blog is about “defining the world, one over-analysed thought at a time.” Her blog is a textured collage of lifestyle posts, thoughts and explorations of the visual arts, and baking recipes. An emerging artist herself, she shares not only her work but what she has learnt through her artistic process. With writing both erudite and maundering, Juliette’s blog is for the person who enjoys getting sucked into deep thought.

Juliette Furio


Art and Artists Blog

Art and Artists Blog is a Melbourne- and primarily image-based blog created by Zhen, an artist and self confessed “BLOG-A-HOLIC.” It takes you from quirky street art and hidden gem exhibitions, to artist’s studios and large gallery exhibitions, to posts on grants, competitions and opportunities for artists. This blog is for people who want to explore the sensations and curiosities of Melbourne art from an insider’s perspective.

Art and Artist's blog


A Woman of Notes

A Woman of Notes is the compiled notes of Fiona, a mum with a compulsion to share her love of crafts, all things vintage, thrifting, music-making, food and family fun. From folk festivals to vintage fairs, grown-up colouring books to origami, tips for decorations and sweet treats for birthday parties to happy snaps and intimate stories from her family life, A Woman of Notes is for those who want to add more colour to their life.

A Woman of Notes


Eat Read Love

Eat Read Love is a chic and voguish lifestyle and travel blog accoutred in sleek photography and charming words. Blogger Natalie Hayllar entices readers with posts on delectable food and recipes, luxury travel and boutique store finds. She shares her traipses through interesting events, shows, restaurants, and exciting corners and places to encourage readers to go outside and find something magical for themselves. This blog is for, as Natalie puts it, those who want to “sit back and enjoy a little ‘armchair escapism’.”

eat read love


We Are Dannah

A name that is a portmanteau of Hannah and her boyfriend Dan, We Are Dannah is Hannah’s little corner of the world where she shares her thoughts, loves and enthusiasm for life. Canvassing lifestyle, travel and fitness, Hannah writes about paddleboarding to pretty dresses, fitness to folk music, and vegan cupcakes to long drives exploring new places. One of Hannah’s greatest loves is happy people, and thus I believe that her blog is for those who are or who yearn to be happy.

We Are Dannah


Winston & Willow

Winston & Willow is a chic, sleek and trim blog on fashion, personal style and beauty, by Sydneysider Charlotte Bridgeman. The blog is furbished with stunning shots of Charlotte in her favourite apparel, on fleek tips and advice, and wish lists of gorgeous clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics. This blog is for the person who not only wants to stay on trend, but who also wants to discover or enrich their personal style.

winston & willow


Style Curator

Style Curator is, as creator Gina Ciancio says, “a blog about the pursuit of a stylish home.” This stylishly designed blog is furnished with posts on broad and rich aspects of interior design and home decorating, advice for renovations and general home improvements, insights from experts, and envious tours of gorgeous homes. As Gina says, “this blog is for people who appreciate design and want regular inspiration and ideas to create a more stylish home.”

Style Curator


Muslim Street Fashion

Muslim Street Fashion – the title says it all. Delina Darusman-Gala is a fashion-obsessed Muslim woman who combines her love of style with her cultural and religious faith. The blog is comprised of vivid photographs of Delina in gorgeous, colourful, striking outfits that are the product of careful composition and astute attention to detail. This is a blog for those who want to see a fresh side of fashion.

Muslim Street Fashion


The Home Grown Country Life

For Kathryn Stedman, the country life is not about living in the country, but about “an ideal, a way of living, a set of values and maybe a way of trying to regain a bit of what we have lost as a society.” This blog is about how to live sustainably and self-sufficiently and how to get back to basics. From home-grown fruits and vegetables, to home arts and crafts, to finding local and ethical produce, this blog is for people who want to live a life that’s down to earth.


The Home Grown Country Life


Desire Empire

Desire Empire is a blog about coastal lifestyle and design. Carolyn, mother of two “beach house brats,” who lives by the beach, posts about how to design a gorgeous home on a budget, crafting and creating beautiful décor, recycling and repurposing vintage pieces and yummy recipes to cook and bake. This blog is for those who want home tips and inspiration with a beachy flavour.

Design Empire


House Nerd

House Nerd is for those obsessed with houses. Maya Anderson invites you to peek inside houses great and small, from contemporary designs to eras and styles gone by, whether it’s a “a cosy old Art Deco cottage, a light-filled beach house or a tiny flat furnished on a shoestring.” She also blogs about before and after projects, from small items of furniture brought back to life, to a crumbling limestone mansion saved from ruin. Along the way Maya is also renovating her own home and making ugly pieces of furniture beautiful.

House Nerd


The Reel Bits

The Reel Bits is for those who want to tune into cinema, television “other geekery from around the world.” Whether you want reviews, trailers, or information upcoming events and festivals, The Reel Bits and creator Richard Gray have curated it for you. This is a blog for film buffs, TV addicts, and those who want to discover something new.

the reel bits
The Art & The Curious

Celeste Hawkins describes her art blog as “mostly a collection of stories that I have gathered over time. Stories of love, of struggle and of the process of making–often hidden behind the scenes.” The blog is a curated collection of reviews, interviews, resources and stipples of thoughts and ramblings coloured by her experiences teaching, writing and making art. This blog is for the curious and cultured.

"Rock's Eye View" - Melissa Deerson (2013)

“Rock’s Eye View” – Melissa Deerson (2013)


Cultural Flanerie

Disgruntled by editors telling her that no one wanted to read about the arts, Carrie McCarthy, in the spirit of the renegade artist, created a defiant blog dedicated to art that has since proved people do in fact want to read about the arts. The name of the blog is a tribute to the flâneur, a figure of 19th century Paris familiar to those acquainted with art history. Whether a scholar, an artist or a writer, the flâneur would stroll, saunter through and absorb the Parisian streets. Carrie’s blog is for the person who wants to saunter through artistic thoughts, analyses and occasional whinges.


Cultural Flanerie

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