Approx Reading Time-10With Pauline Hanson’s return, a lot of heads have been scratched. Why? Well, many reasons, but it was those who oppose her who made it happen.


Guess who’s back. Back again. Pauline’s back. Tell some friends.

Emanating from the Left side of the secret Libratory this morning are blood-curdling wailings of complaint from Labor Boy, as the arch nemesis of his people returns once again.

Pauline Lee Hanson.

But as Labor Boy may pine and gripe about the blue redhead he faces, he should be aware that it is he, and others like him (say, “the Left”), who have enabled her return. Like drunken teenagers with an Ouija board who ignored the warnings on the box and blamed Hasbro for the results of the seance, the summoning of the ghoulish spectre of conservatism lays squarely at their keyboards.

This, of course, has been a long time coming. Incremental events leading into the other, man. There have been shades of it: Bernardi’s rumoured AusCon movement, the response to the abuse of Tony Abbott, Andrew Bolt being kicked off the air, the Leadership Spill, the senate reforms, all the way to yesterday when the vacuum made by Clive Palmer tore down the last mortal barrier that kept Pauline in limbo.

Like Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters, when he inadvertently summoned the Pillsbury Dough Boy, they have released Pauline by doing what is natural to them. They didn’t think about it, they just did it. There was no logic in the decision because it was made by impulse. I mean, why would they want to sub Clive for Pauline? Clive was merely the catalyst, and Pauline the cherry on a very unstable, and surly flan.

Hear me out. The Left have been getting progressively more and more extreme. It’s how we on the Right view them. There’s a certain amount of the Left that we can handle. After all, fair’s fair. But due to the conservative politics of Tony Abbott, the Left has moved more Left as a comparative and logical response to the Rightward shift. With Abbott gone, and the more moderate Turnbull in, the Left has not moved back into order, but has instead gone the full Timewarp, taking a jump to the Left, instead of the step to the Right.

My winding point is this: the Left have gone far too Left; the reappearance of Pauline is a completely logical countermove.

The conservative Right have been irked by a lack of national representation. They covet something akin to The Greens. Un-roll those eyes, I saw them. Australia would never tolerate a requisite party of requisite representatives on the Right. Which makes them very angry, and has them itching for a true-blue (orange) conservative to fill the void. Tony would never leave the nest, Bernardi has been shifted out of the country; the question was “who’s left?” (or Right). The answer is Pauline.

It was this political environment that woke the sleeping giant of xenophobia, not the other way around. So, my Leftist compadres, know this: while Pauline may fail for the ninth time, the action is the important thing. For this continued fingers-in-ears approach to discussion coming from the Right will just bring on louder voices to make the Right’s voices be heard, which, somehow may end up making Pauline sound moderate.

Masked Lib, out.


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