The Service Manager – The benefits of automation in business

Approx Reading Time-10The automation of menial tasks is key to the growth of business in the modern landscape, and utilising  The Service Manager allows me to focus on the bigger picture.


As a self employed millennial, I’ve found it both exciting and wise to freelance and subcontract in varying fields to tap as many income streams as possible. The positives to this are countless: mobility, flexibility, stability, stimulation. The downsides are scant but still worth note: my second-biggest time consumer is pursuing money owed. My biggest time consumer: balancing records, combing through electronic histories, BAS statements, invoicing clients and sending receipts, paying my own overheads and the like.

I’m not unique. I’m one of many in my age group who are embracing this modern change to work and lifestyle. We are in the midst of a huge upheaval of work, social connectivity, technology and education. It no longer seems acceptable that one role takes up the majority of the hours in each day, from the majority of the days in a week. It’s bad enough that what limited time I have sees me bogged down with those reports and electronic histories – the digital equivalent of what I remember my parents calling paperwork. The goal at present is to find solutions to those negatives, anyway.

Financial blogger Jim Wang touches upon this in relation to his finances with Farnoosh Torabi on her podcast, So Money, saying, “I very much believe in the whole automation, like automatic bill paying.” Automation, in both business or work and personal life, is the next step forward. In Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity?, he mentions (at 12.29) “technology and its huge transformational effect on work” as part of what is leading us to and necessitating this change. It’s technology from companies like The Service Manager, that helps save time and money in this regard. The removal, or at least minimisation of manual tasks that halt productivity: if I were more hip, I’d use the term “life hack.” For a person as time-poor and thinly spread as myself, this type of automation is invaluable.

For a larger workforce, however, the benefits of this type of technology are even greater. For one of my friends whose primary income is through a residential air conditioning business he co-runs, software like The Service Manager cleans up miscommunications between his team members, as well as between himself and the staff. Prior to this type of business product, it was constant complaints and disputes over jobs not being completed properly, and even entire jobs being missed by team members.

Technology like The Service Manager makes the staff more accountable, streamlines core operations and provides greater transparency for my friend who’s trying to Captain the vessel. Most importantly for him would be, though, similarly to myself, the diminished digital and physical paperwork involved with sustaining a business like this. With too many people producing reports which took too long to complete, they were costing his company other jobs, and expenses were being blown out. My own mum used to experience this when visiting clients in the health department. Reports needed to be filed on the road so no vital information was lost, which meant other clients had to wait. TSM makes all of this easy, which saves teams time, which saves businesses money, meaning that these smaller companies can compete against bigger performers in the industry who have larger budgets and greater resources at their disposal. For a field services business like my friend’s, technology provided by TSM levels out the playing field and takes away the upper hand the bigger competitors have over smaller companies. The best thing about finding the right technology automation partner, is when they literally meet your needs at whatever stage your business is at. My mate is currently on the “TSM Lite” tariff but he intends to upgrade to their “Pro” tariff by 2018 and hopefully “Enterprise” by 2020. Having that structure and the ability to continue using the technology you trust as your business develops is comforting.

For others like myself, who embrace more sources of income through offering various skills to a broader body of clients and customers, the sentiment is the same. Hustle. The job market is changing. A worker’s role is different, and a person running a business has a lot to keep up with. Technology like The Service Manager is what will allow business to grow into the future, and TSM will be growing with the businesses we run.


The Service Manager (TSM) are currently a partner of The Big Smoke and powers The Emporium.

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