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While you were Asleep: Di Natale felled by truthbomb on QandA, Pope down with kids and the horrors of the new iPhone

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were asleep? Well, the Pope stepped to the millennials, Apple wants to ruin our lives, and nobody loves Di Natale.


Di Natale puts boot into leader debate, everyone puts boot into Di Natale.

Over the last x amount of weeks, we’ve come to expect a bit of a dust-up on Q&A. However, last night’s effort was especially shirty.

Owning the largest conkers at the table was the Greens’ Richard Di Natale, who labelled Sunday night’s leader debate as a “snoozefest,” before sipping the haterade in response to not being invited, referring to the two major parties as “Coles” and “Woolworths.”

Reminding him that everyone shops at those two supermarkets was Labor MP Terri Butler, who stated that the primary reason that he was not invited was that he was not good enough.

Or in her words: “You are not at the debate because you do not have the capacity to become the PM.”

Steady on, Tez.


Pope man-crushes hard on Clooney, loves beauty bloggers, because ily kids, kek.

You know what the Pope lubs? Well, according to the Twitters, it’s George Clooney and beauty bloggers. Last night, God’s main bae met with the Cloon, and simultaneously trumpeted the value of beauty bloggers, claiming that they lay “paths of optimism and hope.”

Unsure if the Pope follows back.

Also, exclusive: George Clooney isn’t looking that great in 2016, just saying:


All glass iPhone up next, clumsy fuckers of the world weep for the future.

I, like countless others, have killed many an iPhone. When I open the bottom drawer of my cupboard, I look upon my actions and weep. It look’s like Jeffrey Dahmer’s refrigerator.

But it’s not my fault, the voices made me do it. Well, that and the fucker is made of glass – a trend that is set to continue with the launch of the iPhone 7. Fortunately, though, the minimum capacity is set to be 32GB, which is good. More of your important stuff will be scattered upon the floor that horrible day in near future.


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