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While you were Asleep: The face of the new Potter, who you won’t be watching at EURO 2016 and the comet that could bring life

Approx Reading Time-10What happened while you were asleep? Well, Harry Potter grew up, EURO 2016 got a smidge less glitzy and men of science gushed over a watery flying rock.


The cast of the new Potter play published, fans lose plot. Accio Fangasm!

The next instalment of the Potternaught (see what I did there?) now has a face. Well, three actually. The play, labelled The Cursed Child is set to follow Harry’s progeny, the dweebily named Albus Severus Potter (poor kid).

So, what’s it exactly about? Well in the words of JK Rowling, she doesn’t know.


Euro 2016 team lists released, missing players substantial, may be available for dinner.

The Euro’s are around the corner. No, not your neighbours that your nan racially labelled, rather the European Football Championships, where teams from Europe play football in order to win the championship.

However, as is the case in international footballery, the list of missing stars is as important as those present. So, vale to those will be joining us on the couch with third-degree FOMO. Here’s the list in full:


Leo Messi beautifully avoids Spanish court, claims injury.

Sporting demigod and all around humble lad, Lionel Messi, may some the shine buffed off his Cinderella narrative today, as he decided not to front court to answer for his involvement in the Panama Papers, and his defrauding of the Spanish.

Mr Messi, and his father (Mr Messi) have been accused of defrauding the government to the samba tune of 4.1 million Euros. Big buckaroos. Well, not really, when you’re earning $500,000 a week, but still. Turning up to court is a pain.

Messi’s lawyer claimed that he was injured, and unable to attend.

Whether he proved this by falling over dramatically in the courthouse, is unknown.


Rosetta Comet transports not Alien Life, but the possibilities of it. Same diff?

Today is no ordinary Wednesday. In certain circles of certain sciences, there will be dancing in the aisles, lab coats thrown asunder and inter-office trysts chanced.

Why all this revelry?

But one sentence holds it.

“This is the first unambiguous detection of glycine at a comet.”

What is glycine, you may rightly ask? Well, according to the author of the above sentence, glycine is the simplest of the amino acids — the molecules that come together to form proteins — and it’s the only one known to form in the absence of liquid water.

The comet (which has the lugubrious sounding handle Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko) thusly underpins the theory that comets once crash landed on Earth, then buggered off.

However, the last word must go the Washington Post who cooked up this pearler:

This sweet-tasting combination of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen was sniffed out of the dusty cloud around the comet using the Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis (ROSINA), which Altwegg oversees. The team had worried that any glycine present on the comet would be locked away in its icy core, because the amino acid doesn’t turn into gas until things get quite hot.

Oh, the Post. You flirts.


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