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Collective Noun: The Dinner app (Tinder parody)

Approx Reading Time-10Tinder. Yeah, some of us use it for some things…but what about the most important of all, dinner? Well, relax. It exists…sort of.


Collective Noun ask themselves questions; questions the rest of us won’t but are asked nonetheless. For example: online dating apps – completely useless. Sex, perhaps, but what if there was an app that was for something we’re all into: dinner? Well, those crocked craniums over at CN have made your filthiest dinner wishes come true!

So, you looking for a saucy number tonight, are ya?

Phwoar. I’ve eaten once today, but I could go again.

Who are Collective Noun?

Well, who better to explain than…themselves?

“Each week we will deliver good ol’ fashion farm fresh sketch videos to you. Our sketches are grown free range using only the best organic scripts, so it’s guilt-free viewing. Sketch comedy, just like grandma used to make; that’s the Collective Noun guarantee.”

Collective Noun is the insane construct of Zach Mander, Michael Parente, Sam Borgert and Dom Fay.

Get can find more Collective Noun at:

More videos – youtube.com/collectivenouncomedy
FB – facebook.com/collectivenouncomedy
Twitter – @collectivenoun_

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