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While you were asleep: Prince cause of death known, Teflon Bron avoids questions, The Sims go gender neutral

Approx Reading Time-10Morning sleepyhead. What happened while you were asleep? The cause of death for Prince was established, and Teflon Bron carried on.



Bronwyn Bishop tells nothing in a “tell all” interview, somewhat references Nollsy.

Those who thought that Bronwyn Bishop was unsuitable for the apathetic knife dance that is parliament, should have seen her last night on SkyNews. ‘Twas a virtuoso performance. She ducked and weaved under the lines of questioning like Ali in his pomp. Rumble, young Bron, rumble.

To her credit, she never said it was a “tell all”; it seemed to be the pretext that was leapt upon by the mass media.

Or is that what she made us believe?

Float like a helicopter, sting like a double B


The cause of death that claimed the Prince now known, paperwork freely released online. For some reason.

With the medical report now official, those dweebs at Wikipedia know what to add to complete his bio. The Purpled Rain was taken by an accidental opioid overdose, but why listen to me? I’m merely a doctor of journalism, not medicine. Fortunately, though, in this world of freely found information, the death certificate was openly published on Twitter. Oh, joy.


Sims go gender neutral, everyone’s favourite serial killer training tool gets inclusive.

For the uneducated (or those with a social life through their tweens/teens/twenties/late twenties/thirties), The Sims is a video game where you control a man or a woman through all the life tasks you hate doing. Like unclogging the toilet, or learning the piano. But it’s fun.

That and you can murder your neighbours. Never before has the removal of a pool ladder been more judicious in the application of death. Anyhoo, good news on the inclusion front, because those who do not identify with either gender can now go the full Buffalo Bill, and not feel marginalised.




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