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Court of public opinion: Cincinnati Zoo gorilla mum

Approx Reading Time-8Those involved with the circumstances of the child who fell into the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla enclosure are on trial this week. Who’s guilty?


All rise and be seated for the Honourable TBS judges.

Those with devices in your hand, in the virtual dock before you are a coterie of parties involved in the tragedy (or near tragedy) at Cincinnati Zoo this week.

For those who have missed the pertinent points, a child fell into the gorilla enclosure, and as a result, the gorilla that inhabited the closure was put down.

The crime: The cold-blooded murder of an endangered species.

The defendants: i) The mother of the child for a) allowing the child to slip into the enclosure, b) calling 911, and c) calling for the ape to be liquidated.

ii) The Cincinnati Zoo for a) building an enclosure that allows access to such a potentially dangerous primate, and b) enacting the heaviest of conclusions.


Alright TBS jurors! Who is more culpable? The mother of the child, the zoo, or was the gorilla shot for entirely justifiable reasons?

Get judgin’.


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