The Service Manager: Supporting team, business partner and all in between

Approx Reading Time-10The right team and partnership can be make or break for any small business. TSM software grows with you as your business does, providing the right support for even the least tech-savvy of business owners.


As a small business owner, predictability and accountability – a smooth running operation – are incredibly important to me. Time is scarce, as are reliable support networks; I place a great value on technology and teamwork. Apps and innovation in software like Skype have made it easier than ever to keep contact with friends and family on the other side of the world; we can now translate signs printed in a foreign script into our primary language thanks to Word Lens; for those on a bit of a health kick, MyFitnessPal’s calorie counter has made keeping a food journal to lose weight easier than ever.

The most technically-illiterate, non-business owner needn’t look far out of their every day to see the value in these advancements. Software-based automation of finances and services can save a business owner hours. And those with friends in businesses would have noticed having a team behind them can make all the difference. This first became visible to me when friends in the entertainment industry made the jump from amateur to pro. I saw it later in the positive turnarounds of aged family members with ailing health. A team of medical professionals, completing so many tasks at such a fast rate, and with more attention to smaller details. A booking agent, publicist, a finance manager: accomplishing in minutes what I’ve watched talented authors and musicians spend days floundering at.

For so many small Australian companies, having this type of team base support is a luxury. Most of the time it’s a pretty lonely slog. It’s too expensive to have the requisite staff behind some small businesses to succeed – it’s simply not available – so they crash and burn. What is available however, is software like The Service Manager. Because of their rapid, ongoing breakthroughs in technology and their endless dedication to innovation, The Service Manager offers a product capable of leveraging a business owner into an entrepreneur – giving a small business the required support base to make the shift from startup to big enterprise.

This is due to the way TSM can be purpose tailored to suit any business’s needs.

TSM is structured to provide different levels of varying services through their broad pricing tariffs. A great example of TSM growing with an Australian business is in the case of Good Sight, where the company started out using TSM for smaller jobs; as their business expanded, their usage and demands of TSM changed. They now use TSM comprehensively in operations and management, from logging, allocating and monitoring jobs to customer and management reporting. Good Sight is Australia’s leading supplier of car wash equipment and machines, and TSM has introduced in February of this year technology which can actively monitor the performance of Good Sight’s cleaning machines and raise alerts proactively for on-premises assets of Good Sight’s customers.

In this way, The Service Manager seems even more than a team. The Service Manager is a partner. The business partner who will change its services and its support levels and means, as your business grows and your business’s demands change. Through the different customer service tariffs, TSM provides support at every level of a business’s development – from start-up to big enterprise. (With TSM Lite being ideal for a sole trader or small service business, TSM Pro for management of small to medium field service staff, TSM Enterprise for bigger corporations, TSM Remote for mobile access and TSM Web Interface for recording, accessing and updating job information from anywhere.)

With their emphasis on customer collaboration and ongoing updates to their software, the flexibility of TSM technology is what will provide a hand to struggling small Australian companies, growing with them to put battling businesses on par with bigger competitors with greater resources and expenses in Australia, and even the world over.


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