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While you were Asleep: The Swiss get franc, Jack Black dies again, Fed Election gets pointless

Approx Reading Time-10Gah. It’s early. What happened while you were asleep? The Swiss pinched pennies, Jack Black died for three hours on social media and the Federal Election got pointless.



Switzerland rejects basic income plan as soulless bankers click pens in subdued celebration.

If there’s something that Switzerland knows, it’s money. And chocolate. And really efficient bobsledding. However, what they do not care for, seemingly, is one sum to rule them all, as a whopping 77 percent of the populace flatly rejected a scheme to award each citizen a flat fee of 2,500 francs a month ($3,476 AUD), regardless of job or title.

In response to the result, Basic Income Earth ran an upside down picture on its Twitter account.


The Internet kills Jack Black, dead. Sort of.

The faked death is a time honoured entertainment tradition. However, the key Mr Black, is subtlety. Learn from the example set by that other pudgy “dead” singer. Elvis Presley. The King is the king of the celebrity death hoax game. We know he’s alive, but we don’t know.

For the third time (apparently), Jack Black wound up dead on Twitter, interspersed with the grief, purported by emoji’s. What the Internet does best. Vast cynicism. Olé.


Federal Election passes halfway point. Nation wants off.

Well, we’ve hit the vast middle. According to the latest Newspoll, the Coalition and Labor are dead even. For those of you playing at home, Labor had a slight lead (read: two percent) in the race of assumptive preferred parties, which was interesting. This, however, negates that.

In an effort to glean something interesting from this lack of news, we’ve found someone who is offering odds on the outcome. The question is of course “why?”, followed by “who bets on politics?” (and lastly “can I pop this on my multi?”).



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