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Court of Public Opinion: Brock Turner


Approx Reading Time-8When other courts fail, we need to judge. Those involved in the sentencing of Stanford’s Brock Turner are on the block this week. So who’s guilty?


All rise and be seated for the Honourable TBS judges.

Those with devices in your hand, in the virtual dock before you are those who hold the gavel, namely those responsible for the extremely limp sentencing of Brock Turner.

For those who have missed the pertinent points, Brock Turner was the Stanford student found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. He was sentenced to six months jail, with some news outlets reporting he could be released in three.

The crime: Subversion of the legal system, with privilege ruling over justice.

The defendants: i) Brock Turner and Dan Turner a) for committing such a vicious crime, b) cheapening his son’s crime by referring to the rape as “20 minutes of action” in a letter written to the court’s judge explaining the good in his son, respectively.

ii) Stanford University for protecting Brock Turner, and in turn, themselves and not the victim of his rape.

iii) The Santa Clara County legal system for enacting such a limp sentence.


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