8-Bit Philosophy: Why shouldn’t we commit suicide?

Approx Reading Time-8Using vintage Donkey Kong to break down Camus’ theory of absurdism, 8-Bit Philosophy unpacks suicide. So should we, or should we not?


Life, as Albert Camus (1913-1960) stated, is absurd. And only through visceral moments endured by the self do we see the absurdity. Absurdity to Camus equalled to our lack of purpose. Much like unfortunate plumber, Mario, in Donkey Kong. While he may vault over thousandfold fireballs, the Princess he aims to rescue is scooped up by that ape with a tie, never to be possessed.

A lack of a tangible end goal, defines our meaningless as a species. Which brings us to the introductory question that held Camus. So, should we commit suicide?

Pop two quid into the DK machine of life and let’s find out. (Thanks, Wisecrack!)

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