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While you were asleep: Iceland freezes Portuguese tootsies, NRA responds to Orlando, the return of Larry David

Approx Reading Time-10Mmm. Morning. That coffee smells good. What happened while you were asleep? The NRA missed the point, Iceland secured one and Larry David returned to twist it.




NRA responds to Orlando shooting, blames Terrorism. Oh, of course.

Responding to the reprehensible Orlando shooting, Executive Director of the NRA, Chris Cox, continued drawing a spoon from the ancient alphabet soup of “guns don’t kill people” defending the AR-15 (the weapon used in countless mass shootings), and laying the blame squarely at the feet of those terrorists. Terrorism is the root cause, apparently, not the ease of which one can procure a firearm that can end the lives of 49 people.

Despite the NRA’s claims and the push for gun control, the US Senate remains bitterly divided, as highlighted by this graph by our pals Vox.

For fig’s sake.


Iceland build a snowman in front of goal, thaw hearts of fans and trivia buffs alike.

Iceland. A magical country of fish mongering, ghost pop and having less ice than Greenland. A few mortal hours ago, the minnows netted a point, trawling themselves up from the sea floor of irrelevance, to swim into our hearts. Iceland 1, Portugal 1. School’s in. (No more fish puns – Ed)

Against the team commanded by the movable preening statue named Ronaldo, those pale loons did marvellously well. Not just on the football pitch, but also on Twitter, as the footballing world swooned over their new bearded crush.

However, sport-schmort. The trivia surrounding Iceland’s participation at Euro 2016 is almost as brilliant as the stoic, icy wall of defensive woe they strung around those impeccably groomed gents from the Iberian coast. The population of Iceland is so small that 8.5 percent of the entire country were in France to witness the clash, and moreover, if you are in the age bracket, you have a one-in-two-thousand chance of making the national team.

Wowzers trousers.

On a side-note, we at TBS have climbed aboard the husky-pulled Icelandic bandwagon for the remainder of the tourney.

As for the other match, the only thing you really need to know is this:

The split of the great Empire was enabled by a man called Zoltan. 2-0 Hungary.


Larry David confirms season nine of Curb your Enthusiasm, Editorial staff of TBS dance jig.

He’s back! The man we all seek to be, Larry David, has confirmed this:

Would type more but can’t, YouTubing Curb clips. g2g, have a good day and that, bye, yeah.


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