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While you were asleep: US Senator 15 hour talk wins gun control vote, Northern Ireland revenge the Titanic and Helen Mirren: Fast, also Furious


Approx Reading Time-11Morning, Angel. What happened while you were asleep? Well, a man spoke for fifteen hours to win gun control vote in the US, Northern Ireland caught fire and Helen Mirren raced for slips.



Mr Murphy goes to Washington and talks for fifteen hours, wins the start of gun control legislation.

I’m unsure what a filibuster is, and while it may contain cheese (of the vocal or usual sort), it has won the first steps of change. Following Senator Chris Murphy’s 15-hour stand, the republican-led Senate agreed to consider tighter gun restrictions. Namely, two measures a) Not allowing those on Terrorist watch lists to buy firearms and b) The expansion of background checks.

Just a PS: What’s a filibuster? According to the New York Times: Under Senate rules, once a senator is recognized on the floor and gains control of debate, she or he can hold it as long as humanly possible — a part of the Senate’s long tradition of unlimited debate. Refusing to relinquish the floor for any other Senate action, a filibuster, typically requires standing there and speaking.

AKA this:

Bravo, Chris Murphy, for reaping shades of empathetic change, and bringing the US closer to a truth that we’ve all accepted. However, the questions raised will bring the same responses, I fear. Those of impinging upon freedoms and the second amendment. But, it seems, the worm is starting to turn.


The Northern Irish do good, nation comes apart at seams.

In the past, those on the streets of Belfast have quietly endured the lower points of the human existence. Be it the Troubles, the hand-wringing after the sinking of the Titanic (made in Belfast), or watching their patron saint, Georgie Best, drown in the bottom of a whiskey bottle. While those streets may have turned slippery from the tears of the populace, never have they been on fire.

Those cobblestone avenues are awash with the dancing flames of positivity this eve/morn, because of this:

The three points taken from a rather spiffing Ukrainian outfit sees the Northerners back their first major tournament win since the 1982 World Cup.

With Germany drawing Poland in a joke not worth making, Group C looks rather worthy of a vigorous mastication with one match to play:

Elsewhere, in the Battle of the Backyards, England popped on its plus fours late on, to see Wales to the door.

Imagine picking up all the plastic cups after Sturridge’s winner! Long evening in Lens. Oh well, could be worse.

Phwoar. Far too many feels prior to breakfast. Let us conclude with a bit of love. Because love knows no flag, yeah?


Helen Mirren to star in Fast & The Furious 8. Yeah, really.

I have no problems whatsoever with Helen Mirren signing on for this movie. The Dame can do as she pleases, but my qualm is with the number after the words “…and the furious”. How are we at eight?

Anyway, moving on, unlike the previous instalments, having Mirren living her life one quarter mile at a time would be a hoot. At least she’s jazzing up the dreary PR circuit.

Oh, Helen.


Jo Cox killed, British MPs pay tribute.

A 52-year-old man has been arrested by West Yorkshire Police for the shooting and stabbing of British MP Jo Cox. Elected into the party last year, the mother of two was considered Labour’s “rising star” until the attack took place. “In the year she was an MP she made more impact than others make in a whole parliamentary career,” Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, wrote in tribute on Facebook. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was joined in Westminster, and hundreds attended St Peter’s Parish Church, in vigils to honour the fallen MP.

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