Approx Reading Time-8Well, we’re all dead. Fortunately, the aliens of the future still have our movies. What would an advanced species make of Titanic?


A pointless search for a doo-dad, invitation to a sauna and/or the prolonged badgering of an octogenarian’s worst holiday experience, James (David) Cameron’s 1997 movie Titanic is all of those things. Well, if you happen to be of an advanced species. Welcome to the year three-thousand-and-something, where aliens laugh at dead people.

I know I’m just a meaty corpse to the far-reaching brain (and eyebrows) of our host, Garyx Wormuloid, but I agree with him (or it). Titanic might be seen as a referendum on humanity’s hubris, but his assertion that the iceberg is the real hero of the film, is bang on. The iceberg saves Jack and Rose from themselves, forever keeping their idealistic tryst frozen in time, not allowing reality to torch the union they would have endured.

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