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Sam Blacker is a radio jock at Wave FM Wollongong, but in his spare time will talk bollocks with a bit of swearing when he co-hosts the podcast Shut Up I’m Talking. Find him on Twitter @blackersam and check out the podcast at:

Procrastination Bait: The man-ish man

Approx Reading Time-10While men are “supposed” to be manly, the truth is that the vast majority are sort-of-manly. Man-ish. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


As men, when we look in the media, or listen to those around us, we are always being told the same thing. If you’re good at sports/love sports, able to pull a car apart or generally “tough”, then you’re manly. If you don’t subscribe to the certain prerequisites, well then you’re not a manly man.

There have never been any shades of grey nor any room to move in this definition, and many guys are left feeling inadequate when they don’t measure up to standard.

But what about the guys who can sort of achieve things? What of the guys who can change a light bulb, cook a decent meal or put furniture together…if given enough time and instructions? Surely these merit some kind of recognition? If they don’t fit the title of “manly”, then rather than discarding their achievements completely, why not recognise the new breed of men who have come to make up a pretty huge chunk of society?

The man-ish men!

We know enough to get through life and can sometimes even be helpful to others! We love to drink, but maybe not beer all the time! Mechanics almost definitely scam us when we take our car in for a service, but we are responsible, decent drivers!

Hold your heads high, man-ish men, you have your own title now, and there are a lot of us out there!

PS: Please don’t beat us up, manly men!



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