Approx Reading Time-11The rise of apathy towards both political parties brings great danger to our system, as we could easily see our own home-grown Trump.


As the mother who birthed me (democracy) once said: “bad things run in threes”. Looking at the recent cracks in our political system, we’re into multiples. For each Stoner Sloth, Fake Tradie or tepid condemnation drags the scars longer across the wall of the dam of political tolerance, and damn, it’s labouring. And yeah, I said the “L” word.

Much like the country tipping toward Labor (presumably as the preferred lesser of two evils) is a dangerous bar under which to limbo, for each election promise reneged (thusly prompting collective apathy to grow louder), the bar dips closer to the ground.

Once the bar crashes through the floor, we’ll release the Kraken of unbalanced political acceptance, akin to the power going out in a riot. From there, the looter’s brick being hurled through the window would be our loss of faith in both majors turning us toward a third party.

Be wary, Australia. For the brand on that looted television might be appealing during a long night of abject chaos, but it may not look so good in the unforgiving morning light.

Or tritely: we could get ourselves a Trump.

Much like a looted television, you can’t take it back. You just have to plug it in and live with your choices.

Four more years and then, zap! A straight shooter, with the vast backing of people from all walks of life, sick of the political games and with a willingness to speak out against it all.

The US election (also unnecessarily long) has become an in-joke of the electorate, but only one of those jokes where your awkward laugh is followed by “kill me now”. Both sides of the political changeroom have wailed the political klaxon of desperation to stop Trump, but the Republicans couldn’t beat him and thus joined him, and seemingly now the only thing that will stop The Trump is The Hil. For some, they’d rather choose the glue factory than life.

Now, that’s an extreme American example, but the Trump/Hillary choice started from something, and that something is something that we’re experiencing, and boy, isn’t it something.

This, as I’ve previously charted, is not a very popular election. The gentle, Australian Made ribbing of the political machine has been replaced by gruff apathy. There have been shades of it throughout the election, but in the last week, it has elbowed its way into the seats in front of us, and we can no longer see the screen. The collective click of the tongue and roll of the eyes befitting a teenager forced to attend an extremely loose relations 50th birthday. Uh. We have to be here for this?


It gets worse, you guys…

It was never more apparent than last Friday’s Leaders’ Debate. Straight from Zuckerberg’s loungeroom (Facebook – Ed), the collective, unspoken decision not to bother was clear – as was the cynicism in the morning, with the analysis from all major media outlets being along the lines of: “It was the best of the bunch, but still shit.” And we get to choose one or the other come July 2. Rad. If your attention wavered or your mind rebelled at the thought, cast your eyes toward a Trump-like outline emerging from the sea.

The political environment we breathe in is the same Petrie dish that birthed Trumpzilla: a voting public deeply disillusioned by both parties. So by choosing neither: problem solved, by using the superpower of doing something different.

Yerp. As much as we don’t like to admit it, we’re not that far off our ‘Murican cousins. What is good for the Eagle would certainly be good for the Kangaroo. It won’t be this election, but certainly the next.

Think of it this way, four more years (or less, pending yet another spill/leadership choice we don’t get to choose) and then, zap! A straight shooter, with the vast backing of people from all walks of life, sick of the political games and with a willingness to speak out against it all. Sound familiar?

I’d swing for that.


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