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While you were asleep: Sen Kardashian speaks out on gun control, Northern Ireland win by losing and Barney remake greenlit inside girl’s head

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! Last night the world went a bit funny in the head. Kim Kardashian called out the senate, Northern Ireland got through, and dinosaurs walked the earth. Do we have any crumpets?



US Senate comes under fire…from Kim Kardashian.

It was the filibuster for the vote to the change that never was. The US senate has been castigated by many since the gun reform plot misfired, save the gun lobby, who presumably fired some shots into the roof.

However, while the barbed criticisms of Barack Obama may not make them shiver in their collective stetsons, shake they might this morning, for the leviathan of political discourse has spoken:


Northern Ireland through to the Last 16, Will Grigg still may catch fire.

Will Grigg is fast becoming the Ashlee Simpson (remember her?) of Euro 2016. Yet to perform live, but on the charts nonetheless.

However, in that rainy Northern Isle this morning, it matters not, for the chant will continue to be sung, whether William externally combusts or not, because the debutants are going to the ball. Northern Ireland are through.

How? Rife chicanery, that’s how. It’s not that they won, but rather they lost the least, awarded a charitable pass as one of the better third-placed teams, aka the best of the losers. I’m confused too.

The fact that one player completed more passes than their entire team matters not, because:

Anyway, here’s who has booked their proverbial tickets to the, well…I said it before, the dance thing.

Speaking of which, for all you graph fanciers, here’s how the knockout draw is shaping up, inclusive of Italy v Spain. Sploosh.


Teen gets head stuck in Barney costume, remake better than original.

In a life event that will surely launch a thousand therapy sessions, an Alabaman teen got her melon stuck inside Barney’s head. And I don’t mean in an existential “I’m a sociable purple dinosaur who covets friendship above all” trope, I mean literally.

It’s not funny. It will be after you watch this clip:


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