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The court of Public Opinion: The US Senate

Approx Reading Time-8When other courts fail, you step in. Those in the dock this week are the members of the US senate who voted against gun reform. Is it them or the gun lobby? So who’s guilty?


All rise and be seated for the Honourable TBS judges.

Ye, O wigg-ed worldly judicial chums. To those who hold device or sandwich in hand, gaze a peep at the virtual dock: before you are those set to befall your judgement, those responsible for the blocking of gun reform measures put forward to the Senate.

For those who have missed the pertinent points, the US Senate was set to vote on various gun reform measures, following the 16-hour filibuster of Senator Chris Murphy, motivated by the vicious Orlando Pulse shooting. The measures put forward to the vote were increased background checks at gun shows and the inability of a suspect on governmental watch lists to purchase a gun. Despite this, the provision was defeated.

The crime: Grievous bodily harm of the democratic process, seven billion counts of vast disappointment.

The defendants: i) The Gun Lobby (and the Senators they support) for a) blocking meaningful change b) seeking profit over the safety of human life and c) having their cranium so far up their hind quarters they refuse to accept the realities of the gun culture they enable.

ii) The antiquated Senate voting system. Currently, the Senate voting system requires 60 votes to pass a measure, which is extremely difficult – even for the Republicans who control the floor. Funnily enough, a similar Republican-sponsored measure, which denied those on Government watch lists from purchasing firearms, was also defeated.

iii) Senator Chris Murphy for a) getting everyone’s hopes up by tabling change, b) using such inflammatory language, and rattling the cages of those whose votes he needed most: “We have to make clear that the republicans are selling guns to ISIS.”


Alright, TBS jurors, the floor is yours. Who’s guilty? The Gun Lobby? The Senate? or Sen Chris Murphy?

Get judgin’.


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