Ultimate facepalm: The man who voted Brexit, but might have invalidated the results

Approx Reading Time-10One Brexit enthusiast hatched a plan that if the Remain people won, his petition for a 2nd referendum would come into play. Too bad his side won, and now it’s being used against him.



I’ve never fully grasped the idea of life imitating art until this week. Poor old Oliver Healey of Telford in the UK has suffered a reverse not seen since the real estate developer masquerading as a sea creature in Scooby Doo. Much like the false monsters of yore, Mr Healey was undone by the meddling powers of youth. Or in the case of the Brexit, the youth not turning up to vote.

Back to the electric ghoul with the well-meaning financial plot. A proud Englishman (and like all proud Englishman, a cynic to the core), Healey was steadfastly going to set up his tent in the Leave camp, and no amount of Johnny Foreigners (fictional or real) would be able to convince him otherwise. Back in May, he was so certain that his countrymen were going to vote Remain, he lodged a petition on the parliament website.

His gunpowder plot was to “trigger” a 2nd referendum in the event that the Remain side didn’t get more than 60 percent of the vote, if less than 75 percent of eligible voters voted. If so, he was going to go the full Fawkes and attempt to blow up the European parliament with a recount.


If only those meddling youths had looked up “Brexit” before they voted to leave. (Image: Wikipedia)

But, fortunately for Mr Healey, it didn’t come to pass. He must’ve been rightly chuffed that he came up smiling on June 23, when the British Frenched the EU auf wiedersen.

But then out of the fog, the Mystery Machine turned up: Mr Healey forgot to remove the petition from the parliament website, and then, well, zoinks.

At the time of writing, almost 4,000,000 people have signed this petition, and they are all people from the Remain campaign who, surprise, surprise, think this petition is a brilliant idea, and that Britain absolutely should have a second referendum because, you guessed it, Leave got less than 60 percent of the vote and less than 75 percent of eligible voters voted.

So, this is big news now. The Remain campaign is taking this as a very serious last thread to grasp. According to the website, parliament will consider for debate “all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures”

So at several million signatures, it seems this would be one of the worst outcomes imaginable for the electric ghoul, who has outsmarted himself, and perhaps the 17 million people who voted to leave the EU. Best laid plans and all that…


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