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While you were asleep: Turkey rocked by terrorism, Packer’s Barangaroo greenlit, QEII not interested in Quexit

Approx Reading Time-8What happened while you were asleep? Well, Turkey was rocked by terrorism, and kept the details unofficial and James Packer will get his Casino. I’ll pop the jug on.



Turkey once more bludgeoned by the hands of terrorism, keeps bloodied hands close to chest. 29 dead, 60 wounded.

Once more the pale voice of violence was uttered in Turkey, with the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul being the stage for yet more bloodletting. What we know so far varies with the media outlets, as the Turkish government enacts a gag order in such a situation, but two (or three) suicide bombers (potentially representing Islamic State), tore the building asunder through the medium of machine gun and explosives.

Currently, the bitter toll stands at anywhere between 6, 10 and 29.

As responsibility is yet to be officially claimed (although the Daily Mail have claimed ISIS), for the most part, conjecture, hearsay and repeated footage of a numb transport hub is all we have to go off, as our most baser humanist instincts are goosed into furious action by the index fingers of those who deal in such visceral hatred.

Our thoughts go out to the victims and those who endured such horror.


Barangaroo, how do you feel building on the shore?

Apologies for the ABBA reference. James Packer’s gaudy uber-casino was officially greenlit, with an asterisk, and a stoic middle finger from the detractors of construction. The NSW Planning Commission met them halfway, claiming that with the 30m metre ribbon of green left between casino and harbour, “the public good has been given a more equal status with the private good.”

Meanwhile, the aforementioned detractors took to social media, to magnify their argument, claiming that the deal wears the hat of the inside deal. At the very least, Baird’s nickname is solidifying.


Queen assures visitor she’s still alive, Quexit a ways off.

Continuity is a wonderful thing, as is the moribund humour of the elderly. Queen Liz II (the monarch, not the boat) combined the two with great aplomb when visited by a diplomat from the Northern Ireland (note: not Will Grigg).

I suppose the more things change in the UK (by referencing the past), the more things stay the same.

Chin-chin, Liz.


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