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While you were asleep: Man live-tweets Istanbul attack, #OscarsLessWhite, election summed up in cynicism, six words

Approx Reading Time-10Mornin’, Angle. What happened after the Sandman visited you? Well, a journalist live-tweeted the Istanbul attack, the Oscars got marginally less white and the Internet got cynical. Standard.



Journalist live-tweets Istanbul terrorist attack from cupboard.

Steven Nabil, live-tweet devotee (and Iraqi-American newshound) found himself in the middle of the reprehensible Ataturk airport attack. Whereas others were solely interested in saving their lives, Mr Nabil somehow was able to condense his racing thoughts to 140 characters or less, giving the world a unique, and visceral account of his efforts to escape the violence:

Scenes. The toll now stands at least 41 dead and 239 injured.


#OscarsLessWhite, still white.

Over in Hollyweird, it is safe to say that change comes slow and peculiar. For a town that prides itself on appearance (and painting horses to look like cows), the face of Tinseltown has been unsightly since Al Jolson decided to paint the advancement of sound with grating racism, which in turn birthed Mickey Rooney’s terrible Asian impersonation in Breakfast at Tiffany‘s all the way to today’s more subtle version of it.

Needless to say that it is still white. But it may be argued that it is a darker shade of pale, as the Academy loosed its invited list of voter nominees for the upcoming year. As reported by the LA Times, the total minority representation has increased from eight percent to eleven.

It’s a still a minority, then. But, I suppose that an improvement is a plus. Any chance we can contact Chris Rock for a rebuttal?


ABC asks us to sum up election in six words, Internet duly replies.

Good old Internet. Aunty naively asked the twirling hydra with confidence problems (otherwise known as the Internet) to tritely sum up their election experience with the day almost upon us.

What our vast society responded with was a calm, balanced, yet pointed discussion of political discourse, where all things were considered and all parties were…I’m just going to stop typing.

It went as well as you assumed it would.

Although, special earnest props goes out to the Labor Party who decided to use a hashtag that was primarily used to reap barbed criticism upon politicians, to reap barbed criticism on politicians.

Don’t forget to vote!



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