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Election Day: Our five favourite moments

Approx Reading Time-8Now that the longest election campaign ever has come to an end, TBS reflects on some of our favourite moments over the past eight weeks. Happy voting and sausage sizzling!



1. The only person TBS really cares about, Lee Lin Chin interviews Bill Shorten with one motive: to seek more power.



2. Funny for all the wrong reasons, but remember when Joe Hildebrand ran the Turnbull vs Shorten debate on Facebook and only 120,000 people watched? Who runs a debate at 6pm on a Friday night on Facebook? Rookie error, guys.



3. Leigh Sales grills Shorten over his Medicare scare campaign schtick. Sales did some great grilling this election season, and one of our favourite moments was when she ordered Shorten to substantiate his Medicare campaign.



4. James Mathison vs Andrew Bolt. Ends up asking to have a Latte. No-one saw James Mathison entering the political campaign, yet here we are. Andrew Bolt invited James on to explain his position on a number of policies and Mathison was stoic, before inviting Bolt to “have a Latte or something together”. #Sydney



5. Malcolm Turnbull mistaken for train conductor. We all know how much Uncle Malcy loves our trains and buses, so a part of him must have died the day a train commuter questioned who he was. You can see the moment of horror on his face as the lady utters those words “Who are you?”. The shame.



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