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While you were asleep: Greens turn red on QandA, Durant moves to Warriors, celebrities safe but not from themselves

Approx Reading Time-10Lord, it’s early. What happened while you were asleep? Well, truth bombs hit Greens HQ on QandA, KD moved to GSW, and the paparazzi foiled once and for all.



Everyone angry at everyone on QandA, Greens cry foul, Libs cry foul, ALP cares not.

Over on everyone’s favourite barn dance with high ordinance weaponry, QandA, there were many a bruised fruit that made up the salad. The Haterade was broken out early in proceedings with Liberal rep Josh Frydenberg calling out the ALP’s tactics during the election, which in turn reaped this response from social media as the night quickly went nowhere rather rapidly indeed.

Meanwhile, at the far left of the barbecue (he he), the Greens were hoping that a hung parliament would glean them a larger slice of the democracy sausage, with Sarah Hanson-Young leading the charge, and perhaps we’d see a Greens-ALP official coalition.

The response from Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen was a trite yeah/nah:

“But the fact of the matter is, with respect, Sarah, you won one seat in the House of Representatives. One. That does not give you the right to determine the policies of the government of Australia.”


World’s first anti-paparazzi scarf invented, helps an endangered species live on.

As the chameleon has its spots, or the shonky builder the ability to blur its own face, now does the humble celeb, as it tries to escape its natural predator in the wild, the paparazzo. To assist the defenceless celebrity in their pithy battle for survival, one man has decided to invent the world’s first anti-paparazzi scarf.

No, you don’t wrap it around the neck of those camera-wielding loons and cross your wrists until the pleas subside; rather, it does this:

However, dear reader, the balance of the eco-system is a dangerous thing to toy with. You could argue that the celeb needs to be pursued by the paparazzo, and thusly the paparazzo needs something to pursue.

Life, as Doctor Ian Malcolm purported, finds a way.


Kevin Durant atomises the Golden State Warriors, creates super team.

The NBA free agency period has already been borderline wackadoo, but this morning it went Bikini Atoll. Kevin Durant, the owner of one of the best nicknames (and stroke) in the association has moved to the Golden State Warriors.

The Durantula turned his back on the team that grew him, to link up with a team that officially had the best season in NBA history without him, to create NBA history, with what might be the grandest starting five of all time:


Unfortunately, to make room, our own Andrew Bogut has been shifted to the Dallas Mavericks, and with that shift, to the land of Burt Reynolds and abject anonymity. Also in the realms of the unfortunate, those left behind in Oklahoma have taken the news in their stride. That stride took them to their kitchen to fish the matches from the bureau and enact their own 4th of July cook up:

Ooooooooooklahoma, where the fire speaks loudest for the rage!


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